Dear F-Squared friends and Virtual Economy listeners,

In 2020, in the months before the pandemic, we decided to create a business that was built on generosity and giving back to the development community. Our podcast, Virtual Economy, was created to help welcome more people into the conversation about complex business topics through current event analysis and great guests sharing their stories.

The company and the podcast (now nearing its 150th episode) are the expressions of who we strive to be as people. And now, we are taking an unexpected step, but one that will enable us to put more focus on lifting up developers and helping them do great creative work.

We have both accepted positions with Thunderful Games’ Robot Teddy consultancy. Mike is beginning full time immediately. Manda is beginning part-time through the end of the year and will begin full-time in 2023, once her client work is wrapped up. You may be wondering what this means for F-Squared and Virtual Economy.

By necessity, F-Squared is going into hibernation. Technically, we’re not closing the business, but its functions will wind down as a vehicle for our few side projects we’re able to continue. Manda is still working on narrative design for an upcoming game and writing her books on the intersection of parenting and interactive entertainment. Both of us are continuing to work with our dear friend Xalavier Nelson, Jr. and his Strange Scaffold studio as contract producers.

As for Virtual Economy, we are delighted that we have found full-time employment with people who appreciate the show and how it serves the development community. We’re still working on what our cadence will be for new episodes, but we expect it to slow just a bit. We’re not going anywhere. It’s still time for Quick Hits.

As for our work at Robot Teddy, Manda and I are taking on leadership roles as co-directors of the consultancy’s partnerships pillar (our official titles are Co-Director, Strategic Partnerships). We love working together, and we’re thrilled we will continue to do so in our new roles.

For those of you who are just getting to know us in our new roles, welcome. We can’t wait to meet you and learn about what you’re working on. Please give us a bit to get settled, and we’ll be glad to set up a time to chat.

As always, remember to wash your hands, stay hydrated, and be good to one another.

With warmest regards,

Manda and Mike